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Venusian Tribe - Liquid Acrobat on Planet 6 - Planet 6 EP (Vinyl)


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  1. Average Rating (6 ratings) "We, the adopted children of the Golden Star, have come to resemble our world in a great many ways. As it floated, bright and unequalled, in the skies of past centuries, so do we bring illumination and inspiration to the struggling civilization of Humanity.
  2. The Venusians are a sapient extraterrestrial race of conical shaped beings native to the planet Venus. As of the mid 20th century they are practically extinct, with only nine remaining individuals, one of which hijacked an Earth satellite and landed on the planet in an attempt to conquer it for future colonization. The Venusian is a man-sized creature with a distinctly conical body, the base.
  3. George Russell - The Outer View - love this fucking guy, what jazz composer, found a great sealed new reissue of this in the bargain bin for ! ― for HOOM the bell tolls ([email protected] He1ges0n), Wednesday, 24 February (ten years ago) link.
  4. But don't count on catching many Venusian sunsets; the planet turns stunningly slow. A single day there takes Earth days—longer than a Venusian year, which lasts Earth days.
  5. Venus is a terrestrial planet so, like the Earth, its surface is made of rock. Venus is much hotter than Earth. All the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere acts like a blanket, trapping heat from the deicalxipolsoressterdarkbakoheami.coinfo effect is called the greenhouse effect and it is very strong on Venus. This makes the surface of Venus the hottest of any planet's surface in the Solar System with an estimated average.
  6. Venus is the second-closest planet to the Sun, orbiting it every Earth deicalxipolsoressterdarkbakoheami.coinfo Earth's Moon, it is the brightest object in the night sky, reaching an apparent magnitude of − As an inferior planet from Earth it never appears to venture far from the Sun, and its elongation reaches a maximum of °. Venus reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after.
  7. Although Venus is only the planet second nearest the sun, its dense, toxic atmosphere traps heat in a runaway version of the greenhouse effect that warms up the Earth. As a result, temperatures on.
  8. Venus is the 2nd planet from the sun at a distance of 67 miles! One day on Venus lasts as long as Earth days (the time it takes for Venus to rotate or spin once). Venus makes a complete orbit around the sun (a year in Venusian time) in Earth days. Venus is a rocky planet, also known as a terrestrial planet.

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