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  1. noun 1. reverberation, ringing, repetition, answer, resonance, resounding He heard nothing but the echoes of his own voice in the cave. 2. copy, reflection, clone, reproduction, imitation, duplicate, double, reiteration Their cover version is just a pale echo of the real thing.
  2. 1 day ago · EVE: Echoes is still set to release on August 13th for iOS and Android. It has gone live a day early on the App Store for iOS for pre-downloading while it still is available to pre-register on.
  3. The echoes were at home, over the white river, as silver-clear and multitudinous as ever; and when they had ceased to answer the girls locked up Echo Lodge again and went away in the perfect half hour that follows the rose and saffron of a winter sunset.
  4. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is an action-adventure game in which the player controls the protagonist Samus Aran from a first-person perspective, and it takes place in an open-ended world with interconnected regions. Gameplay revolves around solving puzzles to uncover secrets, platform jumping, and Developer(s): Retro Studios, Nintendo.
  5. Echoes Podcast: YPPAH's Psychedelic Dance: The Echoes Interview YPPAH is happy spelled backwards and it’s the name of an ambiently inclined post rock group headed up by Joe Corrales.
  6. All Echoes servers incorporate a number of commands found on Spigot or Bukkit worlds, written by our staff, specifically for our servers. Implemented without the help of Paper, Bukkit, or plugins of any kind, we've created our commands with the .
  7. Echoes follows the story of Mallory Park, a not-so-normal teenage girl who lives two lives. In the day, she goes to school, does her homework, takes care of her brother and her father who suffers from PTSD and keeps to herself. But come night and she is Echo Six, in a group called the "Forum,” where she hacks into organisations and corporate /5.
  8. The release Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd does just that, sequencing the tracks non-chronologically in an effort to place more emphasis on the individual songs as opposed to the era they're from. Unfortunately, the effect is rather jarring when the songs transition from the clinical mid-'90s sound of "High Hopes" directly into the 8/
  9. Echoes Podcast: The Moby Interview Moby talks about his presciently timely new album, All Visible Objects. Written mostly in , its themes of .

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